Windows 10 start menu not working- Windows 10 start menu download free
Windows 10 start menu not working

Windows 10 start menu not working, If you’ve recently upgraded to windows 10 Fall Creators Update, several windows 10 users are reportage this problem. The problem persists even after you Disable Device Guard. However no worries, we’re here to assist. Download windows 10 start menu for free and get the problem solved.

Windows 10 start menu and windows 10 new button

If your windows 10 start menu not working you can replaces your Windows 10 start Menu with an alternative version. With this menu, you have quick access to your most used folders, recently used programs, recent documents, and of course all your apps.

You can also use Start Menu 10 to change your Start button. It includes 17 designs, some of them really curious, like the bird and the pig from Angry Birds, Apple’s logo, or Ubuntu’s logo you can use of them.

Windows 10 start menu download free this is your alternative windows 10 start menu. An additional interesting and somewhat hidden function you find in windows start menu 10 is its shutdown timer. From the shutdown icon, not only you can sleep, shut down, restart, log off, etc., but also schedule your computer to do this after a set number of minutes. Not that customizable. Download software free here.

Start menu 10 comes in several different styles, but they are not that different. Besides, you aren’t able to customize the design too much by changing colors, or with similar options.

What you can do is resize windows, and even move them around. Ever dreamed with a Start Menu that was just a few inches away from the button? Probably not, but now you can get that. A bit of a useless addition.

Windows start menu 10 is an acceptable start menu, although it doesn’t manage to take away the impression that it’s not really a start menu but rather a useless addition. Its appearance isn’t quite capable of mimicking the system, and it ultimately gives the impression that it lacks a final polishing step.

Windows 10 start menu feature:

Windows 10 start menu download free

  1. One-click launch
  2. Virtual groups
  3. Smart list of popular apps and programs
  4. Access to anywhere on your computer
  5. Fullscreen list of application
  6. Timer-based power management

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