Leapviral Reviews and Payment Proof 2017

Leapviral is now most popular free money earning site in the world. Leapviral pay you for just sharing their post on the social media and your blog or website. You can monetize 100% of your social media audience or your website audience. If you have good traffic quality you can earn upto 40$ per 1000 visitors. So more fans, followers, and visitors you have, the more you can earn. There is no limit. If you have a website you can use legit ads network on your site.

How does Leapviral work?

When you share their links on your page with your followers, some of them will click it to read the stories at worthalike.com website. If the visitors then click the advertising units placed on this website you will earn a share of these profits.

Why i chose Leapviral?

Leapviral is a secure website for earn money without invest.
Supersize your earnings with our Referral program + Loyalty and Weekly bonuses.
Easily search & register custom domains & get a free domain as a welcoming gift.
Make your shares unique by Customizing stories to maximize your audience engagement.
Real-time and Highly Detailed reporting will show you exactly how much you are earning.


Established and in business since 2014. LeapViral is a registered and trusted European company following the strict EU laws.

Leapviral.com Details

Leapviral Payment Details
Earning Type: CPM
Minimum Withdraw:  $20
Payment Frequency:  Weekly
Withdraw Method:  Paypal and Payoneer
Country:  Finland
Contact:  contact@leapviral.com

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Payment Proof


Alexa Rank  581,176


Leapviral.com Payment Proof

Leapviral Payment Proof

Account Approval Requirements:

When you create account on Leapviral.com then they check your first 100 of visitors traffic quality. When they checked your traffic and confirm you do not send any fake traffic then leapviral give you account access. So be careful and do not spam and do not use any traffic  exchange site. You can earn more money sharing leapviral links on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest,  Reddit and Vk.

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