Instant Website Monetization | How To Start Making Money With Adsterra


Adsterra has been known for the fastest website approval. Adsterra’s Self-Service Platform for publishers is a powerful control center where you land for an instant website monetization.

If you’re looking for an AdSense alternative ad network, you should take a look at Adsterra, not only for the reasons of the approval speed. We make it easy for any publisher or webmaster to grow, setting almost no limits to the minimum number of website visitors. 

If you are looking for ways of growing passive income, read this updated guide to getting started with Adsterra.

Register as a publisher to enable your website monetization

Your first step to making profits with Adsterra is registration. Please navigate to and choose SIGN UP → AS A PUBLISHER from the upper menu.

Registration page

After you hit SIGN UP AS A PUBLISHER, you will be redirected to the registration page. The first step is elementary. You enter your name and email, and then click CONTINUE

Please make sure you entered a valid email as it will be attached to your account, and you will get all advertising codes in your inbox

Complete registration

Next, you see the Complete registration page where you need to enter some more details:

  • make up a login
  • make up a password
  • choose the most suitable way to contact you and enter its account name (you can change it later)
  • choose the preferred payment method and enter the data required (for PayPal it’ll be the e-mail your wallet is attached to)
  • list the websites you want to monetize

All fields require actual data except the last one, with your websites list.

After you click, you’ll see our service message where we ask you to check the email and follow the verification link. Let’s move on to this part of the guide

Verify your email

Now you will need to verify the email you entered earlier. Please open your inbox and find our letter (usually, it’s from Adsterra Team). Open it and click CONFIRM EMAIL.

* Check the Promotions and Spam folders if nothing found in the main inbox.

By clicking the CONFIRM EMAIL button, you navigate to the authorization page and automatically sign in to your account. Sometimes you will be asked to re-enter your login and password. Just type them in and enter your account. 

Now you are going to get familiar with the main tools, functions, and  website monetization opportunities of your Publisher’s account on Adsterra.

The first page you see after signing in is the Websites page. Here you will add all websites you want to earn from. You can see the big ADD NEW WEBSITE button here. We will click on it in a few seconds.

If you don’t have any website or want to make money on your mobile app or social media account (FB, IG, TikTok), you will need to choose another button which is called ADD NEW DIRECT LINK (it is also available on the vertical toolbar). 

So let’s move on and see all possible options. We will start from adding a new website. 

#1 How to add your website to Adsterra

In a new pop-up window, you choose which ad codes (ad formats) to put on a website you want to monetize. That’s the initial step to making money with Adsterra. Although pretty clear, let’s examine the main fields one by one.

On the Add website window, you need to fill out several fields.

  • Your website URL. Please enter the full URL, including HTTPS.
  • Your website category. It’s a dropdown where you pick the category of your website traffic (movies, books, anime, news, etc.).
  • Available Ad Units. These are ad formats that are going to be displayed on your website. Let’s assume you choose the Native Banner format. This means that your website users will see ads designed for this format. Advertisers that prefer to promote their products via this format will display their ads on your web pages.
  • “Remove campaigns” filter. Here you check which advertising types are unsuitable for your users. E.g., these might be ads with sound.

When it all done, please click the ADD button. Your domain will be sent for approval, and you will get this service message (below). Now it’s time to check if the website has been verified and copy the code (or ad script) to put on your website

Getting your website verified

Usually, the website approval is amazingly fast. While on verification, the status of the domain will be Pending, then it changes to Approved. You can check the status on the Websites page. You will get the email when the website is approved, as well.


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