Earn Money on YouTube without Adsense with Scalelab MCN
scalelab payment proof

Scalelab is a Next-Generation Digital Talent Network. That works with the CPC system( Cost Per Click) and CPM system( Cost Per Milestone) same as Google Adsense. Here I will show proof of this site’s payment. Scalelab is a very good and scalelab payment proof ads network. If you do work legitimately with scalelab.com you must get payment or if you send fake views they must remove your account. Scalelab payment proof and reviews 2018. I will show you my scalelab payment proof in  2017. The scalelab MCN network allows its publishers to customize their ads so as to match the sensibilities of the video. It offers its publishers a 100% fill rate and the best revenue rates in the industry as it conducts its business with a deep pool of advertisers. Earn money on YouTube without adsense and best adsense alternative for youtube video monetization. Earn money on youtube without adsense. Earn from your youtube gaming channel. Monetize youtube channel without Adsense.

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Scalelab.com for Publishers:

  • High CPM and CPC rates
  • Three days statistics display
  • minimum 1$ Payment
  • Get Payment up to 80% of your youtube earning
  • Personal Account managerAccelerated Growth
    ScaleLab has perfected the science of growing your audience and earnings. They give you the tools, the experts, and even the financing.
    Hands-On Support
    We love working closely with our creators who are serious about growth. No other network is more hands-on and responsive than ScaleLab.
    High-Profile Brands
    We have the connections others don’t. Gain exclusive access to top-level brands & sponsors who pay higher CPM rates.
    Thriving Forums
    Collaborate with creators in your vertical, give and receive production help, get constructive feedback on your channel, and more!
    Content Protection

    Unlike most networks, we never lock you in long term. Our standard contract is 3 months, and you’ll see a big improvement before then.
    Gain free access to music libraries like Epidemic Sound, bulk optimize your channel with VidIQ, and create outros with OutroMaker.

Scalelab.com Payment Frequency and Payout:
scalelab.com payout are made on 30 day’s auto basis. Minimum payment threshold is $ 1.

Earning :
Your earning depends on different factors. Main ones are amount of traffic, quality and traffic GEO and content. Ads located in the upper or skip video will generate more clicks than ads in the sidebar. All your earnings will be automatically calculated and added to your general balance amount within three days.

scalelab MCN network details

MCN Network Details
Earning Type: CPC /CPM
Minimum Withdraw:  $1
Payment Frequency:  30 day’s, Auto
Withdraw Method:  Paypal, Payoneer, Yandex.money, QIWI Wallet, epayments and Wire
Country: 10351 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 404
Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States
Contact:  +1(310) 526-7524
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Payment Proof


Alexa Rank 51,634

Scalelab.com Payment Proof
scalelab payment proofscalelab payment proof

Publisher Account Approval Requirement:

They require 2500+ subscribers to be eligible for full MCN partnership. They prefer your youtube channel. Grow your channel to 2500 subs and also should be at least 2500 Subs. for apply. They Approved most of Gaming Channel and Tutorials Channel.

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