Payment Proof and Reviews 2017
Adstagets payment proof and review is a new ads network. That works with the CPM system( Cost Per Milestone) like as Here I will show proof of this site’s payment. is a good and payment proof ads network. If you do work legitimately with you must get payment or if you send fake traffic they must suspend your account. Adstagets  payment proof and reviews 2017. I will show you my adstargets payment proof in  2017. The adstargets ads network allows its publishers to customize their ads so as to match the sensibilities of the website. It offers its publishers a 100% fill rate and the best revenue rates in the industry as it conducts its business with a deep pool of advertisers. for Publishers:

  • Good CPM rates
  • Many Advertising campaigns
  • Real-time statistics display
  • Personal Account manager
  • Banner Ads, Text Ads, Interstitial Ads, and In App especially Android Aps.

For Advertisers:N/A

Adstargets Payment Frequency and Payout

Adstargets payout are made on request basis. Minimum payment threshold is $ 15.

Earning :

Your earning depends on different factors. Main ones are amount of traffic, quality of content and positioning of ad-slots. Ads located in the sidebar or under or upper post will generate more clicks than ads in header. All your earnings will be automatically calculated and added to your general balance amount. ads network details

Ads Network Details
Earning Type: CPC /CPM
Minimum Withdraw:  $15
Payment Frequency:  On request
Withdraw Method:  Paypal and Wire
Country: Latvia
Contact:  +370 678 35704

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Payment Proof


Alexa Rank 1,716,903 Payment Proof
adstargets payment proof


Publisher Account Approval Requirement:

They prefer blogs and sites with contents and which are regulary updated
and also should be atleast 3 months

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