Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance

Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance

Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance. Insuring your car safety can be very costly if you are 18 and city-living. Everyone knows you are likely to find the cost of getting insurance for their hot hatchback is almost as much as the car cost to buy! Add go-faster stripes and alloy wheels and your premium will be higher. Below are some examples to help lessen your car insurance premium. Buy a less expensive car and how to get a car insurance .

The premium will be lowered automatically!

  • Insurance companies rate cars in Groups from 1 to 20.
  • Car ratings include things like the engine size, cost of replacement parts, likely to be stolen, and other factors.
  • Small cars, small engines, and low price tags will have low premiums.
  • Big cars, big engines, and high price tags will reflect in the insurance premium.

Live in the suburbs or expect to pay Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance

  • Being a safe driver, never having an accident, never being caught speeding, or never being a victim of car crime, but living in a high risk postcode, your insurance premium will be high.
  • If you live in a large city (especially in central London); expect the premium to be sky high.
  • Live in leafy suburbia, expect to pay less, and living on the Isle of Skye, insurance coverage will cost the least.
  • Always tell the truth and don’t lie about where you live to insurance companies. Lying about where the car is kept is a very common trick and one that insurance companies will check out.

Always lock your car or garage it Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance

  • Parking your car on the road at night will give insurance companies the chance to ask for more money.
  • If you park it off road overnight, premiums will be less, and locking it safely in the garage every night will lower your premium even more.

The older you become, the less premium you pay

  • One of the advantages of getting older is insurance premiums drop.
  • Reaching age 25, insurance companies decide to lower your premiums. Research shows accident rate reduce among the over 25s.
  • Never lie about your age; if the car insurance companies find out, you will be left with no insurance.
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